Sunday, November 16, 2008

Research Methodology

Aim: The focus of this research would be to investigate factors that impede high school student(s) in their path to high education.

Prior investigations had conclude that some of the frequent factors that causes high school student(s) to dropout includes:
1. Drug
2. Violence
3. Stress
4. Early pregnancy
Few literatures attempted to connect the 3 above stated factors. Illustrating that a high school student suffering from family stress is more likely to become violent, consequently leading to illegal drug use, and eventually can dropout of school.
More so literally, urban schools children are prone to be in this bracket because of predominant poverty level that defines the urban sector. One journal described environmental effects as a dominant factor that affects student’s behaviors and reactions. Where virtually, drugs influence, early pregnancy, and perhaps violence can be classified as environmental factors.
Moreover, family structure substantially influences outcomes of student(s) in terms of the high school dropout rates, high school graduation rates, and age at first pregnancy. For example, young people from non-intact families are significantly more likely to drop out of school, compared to students living in intact families.

Methodological Questions
In recent years are concerns that developed in school across the nation, especially in urban school such as Newark’s public schools, which are struggling to encourage students to “stay the course,” where many are even pondering proposing incentive.

Perhaps some of the question this investigation would be answering includes:
q What is creating a generation of high school dropouts?
q Does a change in family lifestyle and structure affect student school performance and decisions?
q Does family class influence decision of student to further education?
q Is positive role model/ mentor important for high school children, in order for the m to pursue higher education?

Method/ Procedure:
However, the focus of this research would be to further look into some of this issues that would be reported by the student(s) surveyed. A survey would be conducted among 9th, 10th, and 11th grader of urban high schools (3 schools) in Newark, New Jersey.
The gathered data would be analyzed using Bar graphs and/or other graphic tools to specify and outline factors according to frequencies, type, and ratio of the number of student that struggle(d) with these factors.
There will possibly also be interviews conducted at random with high school student(s) that are perceived to be struggling with one or more of the affects.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Why I voted for Barack Obama Presidency

I'm writing this just few minutes after I casted my vote [Nov. 4, 2008 6:30am]. It was my first time (my history) to vote in the United States of America as I'd recently became a citizen. I hope I help make history, helping to elect the first black man with African decent as the president of the United states of America - I wish TuPac is alive to witness history.
Casting my vote for the candidate indicates many beliefs, values, aspirations, and frame of mind and perhaps discourse that I share with the ticket.
As an embryo in the teaching field, one who desires to accomplish dreams through the path of his profession, one who aspires to observe the effective result of educating future generation. I voted for the ticket due to initiative necessity to invest in younger generation, shattering the racial barrier/ inequality that lurks in the bloodcurdling shadow of this country, making education affordable for all people despite their color, creed, class, gender, and background; his ability/ promise to globally re-establish American supremacy, his desire to pay attention to Africa and possibly alleviate terror against America.
Above all, the major reason why I voted for Barack Obama presidency is his promise to change the scope of education. As illustrated here {Click here}
Realizing that No Child Left Behind (NCLB) initiated by the Bush Administration has done more damage that mending.

"Sponsored legislation that recruit and reward good teachers
Obama co-sponsored legislation to create a National Teaching Academy of Chicago that recruits, prepares and develops quality teachers for high-need urban school districts. He co-sponsored legislation that created the Future Teacher Corps Scholarships to provide financial aid for undergraduate & graduate students studying to become teachers. He was chief sponsor of a bill creating the Certified Teacher Retention Bonus Program that provides grants to reward high quality teachers in low performing schools."

Barack Obama is presidential candidate who happens to be "Black"

Monday, October 27, 2008

Education in my Mother Land

Click Here to watch video.
As seen, the Catholic Diocese is doing its best to help educate millions of Nigerian children. Public schools that are funded by the government are in lack of basic academic needs such as desks, windows, doors, even good blackboards.
Only the privilege often have the upper hand in education, that is, children from wealthy homes are sent to private schools where they enjoy academic amenities not even up to an average privilege given to middle school students in the United States.
Despite the troubles facing Nigerians students, most still perform astoundingly.
As you can see there are vast differences when comparing Nigerian education system to that of the United States. As the saying goes "those with hat don't have heads, and those with heads don't have hats"

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Graduation Prayer

Our teachers, who are art our superiors,
Detailed be thine teachings, that we may study later
Make thine test easy for us, that we may make A and B

Give us fair grades, as we sign the daily class roles
And forgive us our failure
As you forgive those who miss test to make it up

Lead us not into false information
But deliver us from standardized tests

For thine is the happiness to see us graduate
We pray Academic Affairs do not lose our files
The joy and the promotion is yours
Forever and ever

This is the hope of all students, including high school pupils that are constantly preparing for standardized test e.g (SAT, ACT ...)

Did someone mentioned that standardize tests should be scraped?

Well, there are students that are smart and intelligent but never passes these tests. Does that mean:

1. Such student would never get the chance to attend prestigious colleges such as
MoreHouse, Harvard, John Hopkins, Howard e.t.c.?

2. That such student would not get to attain his/her dreams ?

3. That student(s) (the victims) are embellished to become a burden to the community
as a result of their failure to triumph in these tests ?

4. In regard to "difference in circumstances" - that was discussed. Does it then indicate that inability of a child afflicted by poverty to afford test preparation,
texts, or even registration fee, would not enable him/her to get a chance to perform on the stage of scholastic accomplishment?

I think Standardized tests are great, in fact they help maintain the quality and standard of higher institutions, but I think every kid, student deserve a shot at college education. If truly no child is to be left behind.